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Visitors to BLECH India 2021 should take the time to explore the wealth of attractions and landmarks Mumbai has to offer.

To name a few, the Gateway of India is by far Mumbai's most popular landmark and a must see for all visitors. Built to commemorate King George V's visit to India and designed by George Wittet, the gateway is a popular meeting point and launch point for excursions to the Elephanta Caves.

Carved between 533-536 AD the Elephanta Caves were originally Buddhist rock carved dwellings, earning the name 'Elephanta' from the Portuguese after seeing a large stone elephant on its shore.

Other sites to take in include Chowpatty Beach, one of the most popular beaches in Mumbai and a sight to be seen at night time. The Mani Bhavan or Ghandi Memorial, where Ghandi resided during his time in Mumbai, is now a museum, housing a photo exhibition of the major events in Ghandi's life and a collection of books either written by or about the man himself.

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